the world's most engaging event app.

social interaction + game mechanics + agenda + networking + polling + surveys = maximum audience participation and engagement

  • "Love livecube!" - Nicole M
  • "Who needs Facebook when you have livecube?" - Cindy J
  • "Is there going to be rehab for those of us who are addicted to livecube posts?" - Majorie N
  • "I don't want to stop using livecube!! Lets use this year round!!!!!" - Elana M
  • "What are we gonna do when the event is over and we can't post anymore????? Scaaaaary!!" - Quiten B
  • "This app is addictive!" - Ken E
  • "Breakout session list is live! Visit the livecube EventHQ page to download the pdf" - Byran B
  • "Approaching the 200 points club. Watch out William!" - Diana J
  • "Candy Crush has nothing on this!" - Mike L
  • "Love the recap with the livecube quotes!!! Immediate feedback!!! - Marjorie N
100% real attendees
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your audience is ready to be inspired.

and the right tool could set your audience on fire.

wouldn't it be great if your attendees could easily interact with the most interesting ideas and people?

livecube filters out the distractions and helps attendees focus on what really matters.

we use the latest engagement technology to motivate the audience with points, badges and real-world rewards.

finally, an event app that does it all.

an application designed to work for all kinds of events.
  • corporate meetings
  • trade shows
  • conferences
  • training events
  • conventions
  • online events

a responsive web app for all devices.
  • mobile devices
  • tablets / ipad
  • laptops
  • ios
  • android
  • windows phone
  • blackberry

host digital documents, resources and downloads on our private cloud.
  • save trees
  • save money
  • leave IT support at home
software built by experts in gamification, events, technology and design.
  • Founder gabe 02
    gabe zichermann
  • Founder justin 01
    justin schier
app screenshots

video: dive a little deeper

livecube at New York Tech Meetup - Jan 2014 from livecube on Vimeo.

livecube icon

switch on livecube and join the next generation of conversation.

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a real 2013 event: #gsummit
  • 450
  • top twitter
    trending topic
  • 20
    tweets per attendee
  • 4775
    tweets in livecube
  • 4135
    session check-ins
  • gsummit 2013 livecube photo
a recent fortune 10 company event
  • 183
  • 100%
    used livecube
  • 33
    messages per attendee
  • 13303
  • 2382
    session check-ins
  • "candy crush has nothing on this!"
      - actual attendee message
a recent fortune 50 company event
  • 206
  • 82%
    used livecube
  • 35
    reposts per attendee
  • 1548
  • 877
    session check-ins
  • "livecube is a hit again!"
      - actual attendee message

how it works


populate the schedule and speaker info


at the event, attendees visit a short url and view the time-aware schedule


attendees sign in and click on the session they're attending


posts and reposts start flying after check-in


new posts show up instantly for everyone, and the most popular ideas flow to the top


attendees earn points, badges and levels based on their activity


rinse and repeat for each new session


when it's over, attendees have a permanent record of ideas, connections to fellow attendees, and the ability to give feedback


  • community

    up to 100 attendees

    single session


    twitter enabled



    responsive web app

    admin control panel

    reporting and recap

    attendee analytics report

    cloud hosted





    standard projected view

    request a demo
  • enterprise

    unlimited attendees

    multi-session, multi-day options


    twitter, yammer, or salesforce chatter

    livecube private messaging


    responsive web app

    admin control panel

    reporting and recap

    attendee analytics report

    cloud hosted


    endgame mission



    advanced projected views


    polls and surveys

    session moderation

    sponsor checkin areas

    hosted resources and docs


    custom url

    custom branding and colors

    custom prizes

    custom colors

    data archiving

    yearly licenses available

    request a demo

*don't worry if you don't exactly fit into one of the categories above. we can tailor a perfect feature set.

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